Sanibel Lighthouse

Informational Websites About Water Quality

The Sanibel-Captiva Conservation Foundation website has many useful links and action items.

The City of Sanibel website offers links to Water Quality Updates as well as to related Updates from Mayor Ruane.

On the City website, H20 Matters provides a range of subjects relative to water quality issues., including aerial photos of the Lighthouse and Gulfside City Beaches.

The Captains for Clean Water website presents the viewpoint of local fishing guides.

The Florida Healthy Beaches Program website shows the water quality at all beaches in Florida. To see the local beaches, look for Lee County on Page 2 and click on Beaches. 

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida was formed to protect Florida’s water, land, wildlife and future; it is based in Naples FL. You can sign up for their eNews, and take action and message Gov. Scott:

This Sierra Club of Florida site has updates for environmental news for Florida, e.g.,their statement to Gov. Scott on the Algae Crisis.

The Everglades Trust is an organized group of activists, businesses and community leaders who are committed to protecting the Everglades.

This is where you can sign #NowOrNeverglades for either individuals or organizations. “The science is settled. The money is available thanks to 75% of Florida voters who, in 2014, voted for Amendment 1. Identify and secure the land. It’s now or never.” is a grassroots organization founded on the belief that stopping the damaging discharges to our coasts and restoring the Everglades is not a science or engineering problem. The science has been known for decades. Our problem is a political problem -- and it requires a political solution. This group is also on Facebook, providing nationwide news articles.

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