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Local Confederate Monuments

Replace Lee Portrait in County Council Chamber

In our very own "paradise" in Robert E. Lee County, Fl., we have multiple Confederate monuments and portraits. 
Our local NAACP and the Democratic Progressive Club of Lee County for over 4 years have been unsuccessfully trying to just simply change the portrait of Robert E. Lee in the County Council Chamber from Robert E. Lee in uniform to Robert E. Lee in civilian attire.
This week, we do have a small glimmer of hope.  One County Commissioner, Frank Mann, District 5, and possibly another, are now supporting consideration of the NAACP proposal as a peaceful "compromise".
Although, if accomplished, this would only be a tiny step - at least it would be a step in the right direction.
Here is the link for contact information (email/phone) for the Lee County Commissioners (who are elected at large) them hear our voices!
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