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Sanibel voters are passionate about many issues. We feature some of them here.

Local Confederate Monuments

White supremacists incited deadly violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, in defense of a Confederate monument. We must show the country that Lee County gives no safe harbor to such hatred. We must work to remove the monuments from public lands in our County

Confederate symbols on public land, in effect, endorse a movement founded on white supremacy. If our government continues to pay homage to the Confederacy, people of color can never be sure they will be treated fairly. We will never solve our community’s problems if an entire group of citizens is alienated or feels targeted for discrimination.

See our Local Confederate Monuments section for current actions you can take.

Justice For Farmworkers

"Coalition of Immokalee Workers' national Campaign for Fair Food educates consumers on the issue of farm labor exploitation – its causes and solutions – and forges alliances between farm workers and consumers that enlist the market power of major corporate buyers to help end that exploitation.  Since 2001, the campaign has combined creative, on-the-ground actions with cutting edge online organizing to win Fair Food Agreements with fourteen multi-billion dollar food retailers, including Walmart, McDonald’s, Subway, Sodexo and Whole Foods, establishing more humane farm labor standards and fairer wages for farmworkers."

See our Justice for Farmworkers section for current actions you can take.

Water Quality

The  July 21st 2016 meeting of the Democratic Club of the Islands featuredseveral Sanibel experts  discussing “What We All Need to Know About Local Consequences of Compromised Water”. As a follow-up to that meeting, we created a Water Quality section of this website to provide materials you can use to keep yourself abreast of developments about water quality -- and to take action, if appropriate.



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